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About Me The Site Owner

Email Me lorna@mysindy.com
PO Box 362,
CF10 1YQ,
South Wales,

Lorna & my son baby Leo.

Hi my name is Lorna, this is my tribute to my favourite childhood toy, I hope you like it.
I have been collecting Sindy for about 7 years and I really love the 70s and 80s dolls. I have made some great friends through collecting and between us we find pieces to add to our collections by swopping doubles and generally keeping an eye out at car-boot sales and toy fairs. My dream is to have all the 70's and 80s dolls that I used to have in boxes.

I had my first Sindy was I was six years old she was a brunette Active Ballerina, this doll was my pride and joy, and I used to take her everywhere.

I am still trying to replace my childhood collection which was sold at a car-boot sale when I was ten because I was getting too old to play with dolls. I am almost twenty seven now and I am nowhere nearer to being "too old" as I was when I was ten.

I collect these dolls because they were beautifully made and the tiny clothes were just as amazing, looking at them gives me a lot of pleasure, and they take me back to my childhood and the fun I used to have imagining Sindy in all kinds of situations.
If you would like to add something to my site, or see your favourite Sindy pictured, you can e-mail me or write to me at: