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Article 8 The Elusive 1978 Collection
For some strange reason there seems to be very little information on Sindy for the year 1978, even the wonderful “History of Sindy” by Colette Mansell has no section for this date.
Very few people have seen a booklet or catalogue for this year therefore making it a rare collectors item. Here are some pictures from one such catalogue, there may be a few outfits you recognize, and some which you never realized belonged to Sindy.
Dolls, Fun Time, Weekender Sindy, Nurse, Active Sindy, Sweet Dreams & Blushing Bride.
The Sindy Ballerina by pedigree circa 1977, in pink net skirt white nylon tutu, and pink plastic shoes, was displayed to fully exhibit her flexible-ball hip and arm joints. Her wrists were jointed, as well. This Sindy Club marketing flyer came in the box with the 1970 dolls. Girls could get a free June doll by collecting 24 Sindy heart tokens, which were on the packaging of Sindy dolls, fashions and accessories.
Bottom:- Fashions from left to right, Pony rider, Cosy Wrap, Undie World, High Society, Coffee Morning, Barn Dance, Outward Bound, Around Town, Country Casuals, Paris Mode, Jet Setter, April Showers, Good Morning, First Night, Cold ‘n’ Frosty, & Sporting Life.

Below:- Mix ‘n’ Match
Numbers 44184 (44174) - 44191 (44181) the last two outfits are pictured backwards the trousers are 44190 and the blouse before it 44191 the rest are in ascending numerical order.
Final 2- Winter sports, Washday, Barbeque, & Housework.