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Article 7 Identifying Clothes
The Labels stitched into Sindys clothes can help you work out how old they are, the labels in the ‘60s were stitched very well, the writing was black and read “Genuine Sindy made in Hong Kong” some labels ware made in other countries, see example. The very early ‘70s had paper labels which often fell out once washed they read “MEGO” Hong Kong in black lettering, and the later ‘70s labels, also Paper simply read “Made In Hong Kong” in Green lettering.
The 1984 Label was nylon and read "Sindy" the Hasbro version was Similar but it had a small square symbol next to the word which was slightly smaller.
Poppers also are useful in dating Sindy clothes, these were metal and covered in paint on one side, this sometimes peeled off, some early Poppers were quite large and later in the 70’s smaller round or square metal poppers were introduced. In the mid 80s plastic square poppers were used these were either white or transparent.

Outfits 1985 top: Maid of Honour, Main Attraction, Pretty Peach, Sugar Candy, & ‘81 Ball Gown.