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Article 18 Ananova.Com: Sindy Doll “Losing Big Breasts” In Birthday Makeover.
British Doll Sindy is to celebrate her 40th birthday by losing her famous curves and becoming a 15 year old.

Designer say the new-look figure, known as 100% Sindy, will lose her big breasts and swap her heels for trainers.

Sindy has been a perennial favourite with children since being launched in the early 1960s to rival the US-made Barbie.

Both doll became renowned for their curvaceous figure, which drew derision from feminists who said that they set an unrealistic example for young girls.

New Moons, said they had decided it was time the Sindy dolls looked like the girls they were bought for.

"She's lost the big breasts and very long legs, and we've completely changed her face," she said. "She's totally unrecognisable."

Ms Deane said some of the aim was to stop Sindy looking like Barbie.
"Sindy's still very popular, but she has been neglected over the last few years, and we don't think people are identifying with that look."

"She's going to look like a fifteen year old and we've designed her to wear trainers,"
she added.

A six inch version of the new doll will go on sale in Safeway on Monday in time for Sindy's official 40th Birthday next month, with the full size doll expected to hit shops next autumn.

Story published on www.ananova.com 14/09/04. Sent in by David Pearson.
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