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Article 2 Friends & Family by Lorna.

Sindy has a boyfriend called Paul, he was first sold in 1965, named after Paul McCartney, Paul had a moulded hair and boyish looks in 1968 Paul was given rooted hair, like Sindy he had an up to date fashionable wardrobe.
Then suddenly Paul disappeared for 15 years.

In 1987 Hasbro's version of Paul appeared, with straight rooted hair, a deep tan gleaming teeth, square jaw, and caterpillar eyebrows, he no longer has the sweet McCartney look, this was more bay-watch. Hasbro changed Paul in 1989 this was an improvement he had a softer jaw-line, narrower nose, closed mouth and sleek moulded brown hair. Paul was produced in late 1989 and again in 1990 with the same moulded sleek quiff hairstyle and a softer jaw, his teeth gleaming again, and he remained very tanned.

1966 released Patch. Patch is Sindys little Sister she stood at 9" and had very soft thick rooted hair, this was sometimes very curly or bobbed straight, available in brunette, blonde, auburn and coffee brown, coffee Patch is considered the most difficult to find.

Poppet was released in 1968, 9" tall, she had a dark urchin cut hairstyle and the same body as Patch, Betsy was released at the same time, she was only 6" tall, a younger friend for Patch. Betsy had blonde bobbed hair softly curled, she was occasionally brunette, she had a sweet shy expression totally different from cheeky Patch and Poppet.

Vicki was released in 1968, a bubbled haired blonde, English, with parted lips showing her white teeth. Mitzi released at the same time was advertised as Sindys French friend, she was given a very bright flame red, straight, centre parted, hairstyle and chiselled features, there are some blonde versions of Mitzi that are very collectable and rare, both dolls could wear Sindys clothes.

In 1971 a Special doll was released called June, she was obtained by collecting 24 heart tokens off Sindy boxes. June appeared with blonde hair and dark hair she was given both 12" and 9" bodies, so some June dolls could wear either Sindy or Patch clothing.

Gayle, Sindys black friend was released in 1978, she was identical to Sindy except she had black skin, lovely brown eyes, & black shiny hair. Gayle was made by the American toy company Louis Marx, this doll is one of my favourite Sindy Friends, she was made with an active body like the ballerina and given sweet pale pink lips.

In 1986 Mark and Marie were produced, Mark looked similar to Paul with his moulded hair, his lips were parted as were Marie's to show their teeth. Marie had centre parted very red hair in either curly or straight, she had a look that was strikingly similar to that of Sarah, Duchess of York, who's wedding to HRH Prince Andrew was the same year.

Hasbro produced Imani a black friend, Petra a blonde and Tanya a redish brown haired continental friend in the 1990`s, all these dolls could wear Sindy fashions. There was also a toddler friend called "Cycling Sam" and "Peddling Patti" one of these identical dolls came with "Cycling Sindy", the box included bikes for both dolls.

All the pictures are of the dolls mentioned. They are in the Same order as they are mentioned of the article, there are four representations of Paul.