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Artice 5 Marx & Wesco Sindy In America
Between 1978 and 1981 Louis Marx was licensed by Pedigree to distribute Sindy in America. The products sold were taken from the British Pedigree catalogue of 1977, and they were given different names to appeal more to the American Market. Marx is most remembered for producing the gorgeous "Gayle" Sindy's black friend.
In 1981 Wesco took over the distribution of Sindy and like Marx sold items available in Britain, they also produced several very sweet American style products not available in Britain, my favourite being "Western World" Sindy and black "Funtime" Sindy.
Left: Cover of Marx Sindy catalogue which came in the box with Gayle, Sindy is wearing an outfit not previously sold in Britain, it was eventually sold on “Springtime Sindy” in 1981.

Gayle was never sold in the UK and is a great asset to any Sindy collection.
Marx Outfits.
The Marx clothes pictured are in order of appearance starting from left to right.
Let’s Take It Easy / UK Weekenders. Let’s Go Riding / UK Riding Out. Let’s Go To Sleep / UK Misty Blue. Let’s Get Married / UK Beautiful Bride. Let’s Go To The Ballet / UK Active Sindy. Let’s Go Shopping / Sunshine Girl. Let’s Have A Dinner Party / UK Night Spot.
Pictured are some of the the unique products made by Wesco in 1981.Pictures as follows Funtime Sindy in blonde & black Sindy version, seen in Wesco catalogue, Sindy's "Jeep and Horse Trailer" only sold in the US. "Western World Sindy" and Sindy's "Western Horse" and finally "My fair Sindy" from 1982 sitting in "Western Horse "n" Buggy" or "Dapple Grey Horse" as it was known in the UK. Western Sindy picture’s Elizabeth Reid Steere.