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Article 14 New Moon Sindy
The next attempt in creating the perfect selling Sindy will be overseen by New Moon.
I am happy to see that the brand is not dead but it is with a heavy heart that I feel the need to say a few things about the fact that Sindy has changed hands yet again.

Why is it that once a company fails to achieve their goal with Sindy, they give up on her, pass on the baton and let the new owners repeat the same mistakes we've seen over and over again?

Do something New Moon guys, make her look like a real little girl again (check out the 70s doll for inspiration) and lose the Barbie pink! This new doll reminds me of "MY Scene" by Mattel... will another battle ensue? Who knows... It's ironic, when the Mattel "My Scene" dolls came out they reminded me of 80s Sindy..big-eyed cute heads and little posey bodies that look too small for the head.

It is understandable that some things over the years would have to change to make Sindy fit into today's market. Sadly everything "Sindy" I have seen since Pedigree's reign looks like something else already in the shops. We have to ask "who would today’s British designers rather dress? Sindy or Barbie?

When I was a child Barbie was the Movie Star, Sindy was the girl you wanted to be best friends with, the girl you look up to, she had movie star potential but remained down to earth. To me Barbie was the kind of girl you'd like to know because she could get you invited to anyones pj party, but Sindy was the girl who's house you were going to, you could actually spend some time hanging out and talking with Sindy, you'd trust her with all your secrets...and party just the same.

Sindy used to be at the forefront of the marketplace because she was different and never followed the crowd.

There was a wonderful "She could be me, I could be her" feel to Sindy in the 60s, 70s and 80s and there was a massive amount of familiarity about her.

Sindy even came with real thick eyelashes and three different hair colours, market researchers should take note that not all little girls are blonde or wish to be blonde.
I adored my brunette active Sindy because I loved to play out fairytale stories with her and being brunette she could be Snow White. As I child I was blonde, my dad very dark and my mother a red head so the red haired Sindy was also important, I chose the Sindy I played with sometimes purely based on her hair colour. There was more choice in that respect, she was still Sindy regardless of the colour of her hair, they didn't change her name with each hair colour produced like they do today, it was better then.

Even dressing the Hasbro/Vivid Sindy was a chore. Not really "the doll one loved to dress" anymore, rather the doll one keeps naked in the bottom of a pile of toys because all her clothes seams are split and running.

Painted gloves and fixed permanent headwear on the dolls etc. limited their versatility and smacked of cheapness. I almost bought one of these dolls for my niece but when I saw that Sindy's tiara was stuck on her head, Kathryn got a new glitter hairdryer instead.

Why hasn't anyone brought out a collectors range of dolls from the past or even a special Sindy that moved like the old active ones did? Why spend money like that when all they want to do is talk big and give Sindy another head and paint job!
Sindy is becoming the "Worzel Gummidge" of the fashion doll world.

Now I have said my bit lets check out the press release and picture of "New Sindy".
Good Luck New Moon - Despite what I have said, I really hope you can bring Sindy back .

I hope you like my new head! She is sweeter than previous attempts but will she stand the test of time? Fingers crossed for New Moon Sindy.
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The following was sent by Marketing Executive - Funky Friends & Sindy.

Brand History
When Sindy was developed in 1962 research established that young girls related to Sindy as a role model, a best friend and a symbol of the ‘swinging’ times in which they lived.

With styles drawn from the collections of designers such as Mary Quant, Sindy has always been a leading edge design concept. Twiggy and The Beatles have all played their part in the development of the brand.

Who could have imagined back in 1962 that the face of Sindy would become an enduring classic and that for over forty years Sindy would inspire and involve young girls in her world of style and fashion.

Over the last four decades Sindy has been everything from a Disco Diva to the magical Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Now Sindy is set to become a role model for the 21st Century with her aspirational lifestyle that every young girl will want to be part of – 100% Sindy

Brand Positioning
100% Sindy is a design-led lifestyle concept aimed at 5-9 year old girls.

Today’s young girls are sophisticated, and in tune with their peers. They aspire to be like teenagers, and media stars, they’re street smart and label conscious. Their role-play is essentially reality based fantasy.

From her ‘swinging’ beginnings, Sindy now embraces all the things today’s young girls want to be. 100% Sindy is cool, she is fun, she is confident and assertive.

Amongst mums aged 25–40 years old, Sindy brand awareness and brand emotion is exceptionally high. They were Sindy girls. They played with Sindy when they were young, and now the brand has bridged the generation gap. For 5-9 year old girls, mum is still the key decision maker.

Brand Structure
With products from bags to cosmetics, the 40 product range is doll led with four

6 1/2 " collectable cool and trendy fashion dolls. 100% Sindy is segmented into four sub-brands: 100% Cool, 100% Star, 100% Me, 100% Fun

Each sub-brand represents a different Sindy style, appealing directly to young girls as ‘someone’ they would either like to be, or feel they already are.
New Moons extensive knowledge of youth and culture trends has been fully utilised to create the 100% Sindy brand and represents New Moons complete cross-category girls’ lifestyle range.

The products within the range drive Sindy’s identity, and it is this style which forms the core of the Sindy brand.
A style guide has been created to ensure consistency across the range.

Brand Communications
While brand communication will be conveyed through product, packaging, price and distribution, all the key elements of a strong marketing campaign will be used to support the retail launch of 100% Sindy.

TV advertising is planned alongside carefully targeted trade and consumer
magazine PR activity.

Sindy already has her own Comic and Annual where 100% Sindy will be extensively featured. Sindy’s website, www.sindy.com has also been developed to enhance the whole brand experience allowing young girls to interact with the brand.

Large scale POS will help retailers to build massive in store presence, encouraging girls to ‘buy in’ to the concept and drive retail sales.

Stop Press. . ! New Moons launch 100% Sindy

The Autumn Fair 2003 at Birmingham NEC sees the unveiling of New Moons latest design led concept based upon the UK’s perennial favourite fashion doll, Sindy.

Building upon the huge affection for Sindy amongst mums aged 25 to 40, New Moons have created a complete cross category lifestyle range aimed at 5 to 9 year old girls, where mum is also the key decision maker.

100% Sindy not only gives Sindy a new identity but a whole new vibrance and energy. The 40 product range is led by four collectable cool and trendy 6 1/2 " fashion dolls with aspirational appeal.

100% Cool, 100% Star, 100% Me, 100% Fun

Presented as a premium brand with medium tier pricing, 100% Sindy has been developed with direct appeal to today’s fashion conscious, street-smart girls. Added features include labels, icons, tags, to enhance the collectability of the range.

To support the retail launch of 100% Sindy, New Moons are planning a heavyweight marketing campaign including TV advertising and extensive PR activity.

New Moons view their relationship with the Sindy brand as a long term commitment encompassing a ten year development programme. As the leading cross category designer of girls’ lifestyle products in the UK, New Moons are confident of the success of the 100% Sindy brand.

For further information on the ‘Sindy’ opportunity please contact our
Creative Director Denise Deane on Tel: +44-1442-284437,
Mob: +44-7976-242949.

Sindy® is the registered trademark of Pedigree Dolls and Toys Limited used under license by New Moons Limited.