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Article 1 “No Room At The Inn” by Judy Judge.
It started in the kitchen - a few dolls here and there;
Washing each one lovingly and conditioning frizzy hair.
It spread into the sitting room, their numbers multiplied fast,
At my constant trips to boot sales my husband was aghast!

Sindy in wicker baskets - then Sindy in all the drawers;
Building up my collection, relentless without a pause.
The fateful day came nearer - I was fast running out of room,
My husband viewed the Sindys with a growing sense of doom.

Up the stairs he staggered - poor fella was tuckered out!
But when he tried to get in bed the Sindys squealed “GET OUT”.
I was crushed between Lovely Lively & Masquerade & Patch;
As we slept in bed so happily, for my Sindys there was no match.

I bet there were two hundred - all neatly laid top to toe,
Then my husband bellowed loudly, “ THESE BARBIES OR ME MUST GO”!
I was staggered at his cruelty, calling them that name;
I had to make the decision, to him this was no game.

So I folded his “Paul” pyjamas and packed them in a case,
Then I noticed that each Sindy had a sweetly smiling face.
Now sadly my tale must end there, enthusiasts please beware!
Always for your partner a bedroom should be spare.
1985 Trends & Fantasia fashion parade booklet.