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The Style Of 1980's Pedigree Sindy
The 1980`s produced an array of big hairstyles for Sindy. In 1981 Sindy had two straight little bunches (pigtails), her centre parting that ran from her forehead to the nape of her neck.
1982 she had a Princess Diana cut. In 1984 Star Dance Sindy had long curly bunches, Beach Party had long, straight, side parted hair.
Cut & Style Sindy's hair grew long enough to reach back of her knees and Masquerade Sindy's hair had no parting and was pulled off her face with tight curls piled on top of her head.
1985s Space fantasy hair, was straight, pink, with no parting, a defined widows peak & worn in a high ponytail. Sindy also had two very long plaits, & a side parted crimped hairstyle for Starlight Sindy's disco look. Premiere Sindy also had a side parting she was especially different because her hair was curled & came in platinum blonde only.
In 1986 Sindy changed too much for me, she was stripped of her glorious rooted eyelashes & left with only painted ones, her lips were thinner and smiled in a smirky fashion. Some unusual hairstyles had a short fringe and were available in a mix of shades these included - pink and blonde, black and pink, & red and pink, this gave Sindy an uncharacteristic rebellious punky style, plus Magic Moments Sindy had dirty blonde side-parted hair that went blue when wet.
Above Right - Hair Stylist. Left to right Premiere, Masquerade & Space Fantasy. Bottom Sindy's New Face Jazz Dance Sindy.
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