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The Face Of 1970's Pegigree Sindy
1970 "Walking Sindy" an unusual hip joint made it appear that she could walk, 1970's 'Lovely lively' was the only Sindy at this time that could move her, head, elbows, knees, hips & waist, her whole body was smaller, and her hair was centre parted.
1971 she was tanned, with smaller features, she could twist her waist, & her neck was on a ball joint so it could angled in any direction, she looked more in proportion still recognizable as Sindy.
1975 Active Sindy ballerina had 15 movable joints: fully poseable head, neck, waist, hips, shoulders, hands, wrist, bendable arms, legs, & ankles that allowed her feet to stand on points like a real ballerina, this Sindys arms & legs were made of a softer, pliable rubbery plastic, this made it easy to dress her.
1978 black Sindy, had black hair, skin & brown eyes, available in both basic & active bodies, she was given pink blush & pale pink lips.
1979 "Sindy Sweet Dreams" sleepy eyes that closed when she was lying down, available in blonde & brunette, this doll looks a little strange as she has a starring expression when awake, this was due to the special eye socket. She was later released once more in 1980.
Left -Trendy Girl Sindy.
Trendy girl models 1970s fashions:- Red Hot, Blazer Way & Mode Suit
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