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1984 Casuals - T-shirt & Trousers, Swimsuit & Jacket, Jumper & Shorts, Top Shorts & Skirt, Matching Trousers & Top, Striped Skirt & Top.
1984 Boutique - Jog Along, Pony Club, Check Mate, Party Piece, Pretty In Pink, Warn & Cosy.
Cherry Pop, Well Suited, Jumping Jive,
Highland Fling, French Connection & Modern Miss.
1984 Designer - Feeling Fit (2 outfits), Outward Bound, Show Jumper, Rainy Days, Smart Set & Nightcap.
1984 Classic - Royal Occation, Wedding Bells, Premiere Night, Autumn Stroll.
1984 International Solo - Unnamed items I have not seen them in a catalogue or book but the photpography is similar to this year. I own these items MIP, the photos of the range were on the back of the packet.
1984 Autumn Designs - Items 43035 - 43040 Not pictured in any catalogue. C Mansell mentioned them in her book History Of Sindy.