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Unfortunately I don't think that in general clothing produced for Sindy in the early 1990's reflected it's fashions very well, a lot of outfits were over-the-top & there were fewer classic styles. As a child I often dreamed I could fit into my dolls clothes & wear them. I wished I would wake up only 12" tall so I could dress up like my Sindy.
I also wanted to play house and be a princess, housework may not be glamorous but my mum did it, and I wanted to appear grown up and grown ups did housework. I was able to identify with my Sindy doll, her lifestyle was something every young girl believed was interesting and obtainable.
I also thought that the quality of the product was not as high as before. Pedigree Sindy's clothes could be washed and ironed and survive the contant pulling on and off of clothes equal to that of a real fashion show.
The majority of the new clothes made by Hasbro were from materials that didn't really survive Childs play for long. Dream Ballets complete outfit consisted of a tutu made with marabou feathers, which doesn't really recover well after washing. Also a lot of metallic materials were also used, the metallic plastic substance would peel off very easily as you removed the clothes from the doll.
have only included some of my favourite Hasbro outfits (nothing too Barbie pink), despite the many OTT designs, I consider these gowns to be some the most beautiful ever made for Sindy.
Top 1992 Dream Time.
Left to right - 1992 Edwardian Sindy, 1991 Romance 'n' Roses, & 1993 Dream Ballet.
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