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1970 Pocketwise Fashions -
Tights, Sloppy Joe, Windy Days, Out & About, Cape, Duffle Coat.

Blouse, Sweet Swimmer, Coffee Party, Hair Switch, Casual Moments, Tee Shirt & Leather Look,

Smock Dress, Bell Bottom, Reefer, Cocktail Party, Flower Frillies, Bedtime Beauty, Trendsetter.

1970 Collections Range -
Belle Of The Ball, Discoteche, Catsuit, Winter Coat, Day Dress.
Sindy In Mini Skirt, Poppet & 2 Patch, Walking Sindy In Smart Mini Skirt & Sweater, With New Yellow Boots.

1970 Boutique Range -
Carefree Camping, Come Dancing, Fur Fashion, House Work, Town & Country, Come Dancing.

Winter Holiday, Emergency Ward, Happy Traveller, Air Hostess, Trouser Suit, Sail Away.

Undie World, Dream Date, Shopping In The Rain, Pony Club, Bridesmaid's Dress, Seaside Sweatheart.

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