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1971 Pocketwise Fashions - Bedtime Beauty, Flower Frillies, Summer Dress, Catsuit, Day Dress, Casual Cords & Blouse With Belt.
Tangerine Dress, Jodphurs & Sweater, Floral Dress, Poncho, Midi & Blouse, Sweater & Mini, Midi Coat.
1971 Boutique Fashions - Sweet Dreams, Discotheque, College Girl, Disco Party, Shiny Shopper, Happpy Holidays, Bridesmaid.
Weekend, Skater, Look Warm, Belle Of The Ball, Queen Of The Ball, Midi Winter, Winter Sports.
1971 Fashions - Fun Furs, Miss Sindy, Midi Look.
Weekenders, Sunhine Girl, Fashion Girl.
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