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1973 Budget Fashions - Puff Sleaves, Gypsey Dress, Goiucho, Bib Skirt, Lounger, Sunbeam, Springtime.

Flower Frillies, Bedtime Beauty, Bouse & Belt, Casual Cords, Tangerine Dress, Poncho.

Jodphurs With Hat, Dungarees & Check Blouse.

1973 Budget Fashions - Queen Of The Ball, Blazer Way, Skater, Red Hot Dress & Coat, College Girl, Disco Party, Shiny Shopper.

Cosy Coat, Pinny Party, Bridesmaid, Zing A Ding, Theatre Time, Checker Decker, Summer Party.

Miss Beautiful.

1973 Pocket Money Fun Fashions - Outfits 1-4 Collection, Boxed Pocket Money Fun Fashions.

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