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Fixing Sindy's Arms
To replace an active Sindy arms you will need:
1 Spare perfect matching arm.
2 crochet hook or hat pin.

Pull Sindys arm outward until you can see the elastic see fig.
Put the hook or pin through the loop to prevent the elastic from moving and remove the damaged arm.
Insert the new arm by hooking it through the elastic, check the arm is facing in the right direction, and then remove the pin.

Basic Arms.
I advise you to practise this on an old (no hope) doll a few times before doing it to a beloved Sindy.
Put Sindys body in some hot water (not boiling), this will soften the plastic. Try to soak her in the arm socket area, don’t put her head in the water, You can remove her head.
Carefully pull out Sindys Arm, if it is still very hard or the plastic looks fragile, you must stop pulling and leave her in the water for longer before you continue.
Put the new arm in the water, if the body has cooled you might have to put Sindy in Again and then push the arm into the socket, do this quickly and then dry Sindy.
Left to right:
Active arm, pulled to reveal elastic, the basic arm removed, and the basic arm seen through the waist cavity.