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Repairing your Sindy's Body.
Sadly I often find Sindys with problem hair, broken legs, arms and eyelashes. I have included some tips to help restore your doll, or to simply reinvent her as I have done in my re-root repaints section. The dolls in this all these sections will be from my own collection and therefore from the ‘70s and ‘80s, the mechanics of these dolls will be different to that of dolls in the ‘60s and the ‘90s. If you are replacing limbs always replace them with a perfect limb, the same age and colour, otherwise your Sindy will not be restored or fixed she will be a mutation or a reinvention.
Basic & Active bodies.
Sindy is famous for having either a basic or an active bendy body. The differences are marked, The figures on the right show the differences. Active feet can point like a ballerina, active waists and necks can move forward and back due to the rubber band inside whereas the basics are screwed or twisted on, also active arms and wrists can bend and move in all directions.
The Figure 1 is an active body. Fig 2 shows an active on the left which has 15 movable joints: fully posable head, neck, waist, hips, shoulders, hands, wrist, bendable arms, legs & ankles. Sindy’s arms & legs were made of a softer, pliable rubbery plastic, it is very easy to dress her see Fig 3 & 4.