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Rerooting Your Sindy Eyelashes

Step One
Carefully remove the head from the neck. The head can, with a little effort, be pushed over the neck ball.
If Sindy is active you must hold onto her moving neck before pulling away otherwise you might damage the rubber inside. Should Sindy be a hard-head gently warm the back of the neck with a hairdryer on a low setting. If this doesn't work then pop her head into very warm water until the vinyl is warmed up enough to allow you to pull off her head.

Step Two
Remove any old lashes by gently pulling them out with small long-nosed pliers. You can start this from inside the head cavity, and remaining ones seen from the front can be pulled out with small slanted tweezers until there is nothing left.

Step Three
Then I thread a tough but thin needle with five strands of midnight black saran hair. I cut off about 3.5 inches. A needle threader is handy for this.
Once threaded ensure that the strands of hair are pulled to make them equal in length
You will end up with a 10-strand lash in each hole as it doubles double over once tied.

Step Four
I like to start rerooting the eyelashes from the outside of the doll pushing the needle into the head. Use the first original lash hole that is already on the doll.
Push your needle into the plastic to about an inch. I then use your needle nose pliers to grasp the needle and slowly pull through, this will guide it preventing you from stabbing Sindy elsewhere and save your fingers.
I pull through just enough hair so I can tie a knot in the end without the rest of the hair being pulled through. Taking the hair that is sticking out of the eye, gently pull it back through the hole until I you can feel resistance from the knot. I then cut off the excess hair leaving about 1.5 inches.

Step Five
I repeat this process using the lash holes as a guide until the eyes are both finished with long 1.5 inch lashes.

Step Six
If the lashes are pointing down too much damp them with a wet, hot flannel. Get a clear plastic bag and cut a strip wide enough to cover from her nose to her forehead and long enough to wrap around her heat once.

Comb your dolls damp eyelashes upward and flatten into position against the head. Holding the hair taut against her face with one hand, wrap the strip of clear plastic around her face, securing into place with a small piece of sticky tape. Leave this on overnight until the lashes are dry.

Step Seven
Remove the plastic and using sharp toenail clippers, trim the eyelashes to your desired length. I find cutting them this way provides a nice blunt cut and keeps all the hairs one length like the original eyelashes. You can tidy up any stragglers with some fine nail scissors.