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How to transplant your Sindy's leg
You will need; a pair of long nosed pliers, a small screw driver, 2 thin knitting needles, crochet hooks, tweezers, or Q-tips, a replacement leg & a friend.

1. Remove the screw located on the inside of Sindys leg, fig 1.
2. You will see a tiny pin holding an elastic loop, held by tiny holes onto the inside of the leg, fig 2.
3. Stretch the elastic out far enough to enable you to push the Q-tip or needle through the loop, the needle should hold the elastic in place instead of the pin, fig 2.
4. Remove the thin pin with the pliers.
5. The broken leg should now be free, and the elastic is held by the needle, remove the loose inside part of the leg this will make the next step easier [the pictures show this bit still in].
6. Take the new leg off the other doll in exactly the same way [this is why you need 2 needles], and swop the bad leg for the good one.
7. The hard part, get a friend to help. Back to the the first doll - pull the elastic up as high
as possible using the needle holding it, taking the pliers, pinch the elastic below the loop, then carefully remove the needle, get a friend to hold the pliers securely, keeping the loop above the body and unrestricted, fig 3.
8. Put the good leg over the elastic loop and hold it there [fig 4], take the
tiny pin and push it through the plastic holes and through the elastic loop, fig 5. Once the pin is through to the other side it should hold the elastic in place, fig 6.
9. Replace the spare bit from inside Sindys leg, making sure the screw hole is in the right place.
10. Line up the holes, and screw the tiny screw back in.