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Hair Care Tips

#1 Use fabrisc softener as a conditioner, and wig shampoo as a shampoo.
#2 Pipe cleaners or McDonalds straws are great as rollers for Sindy's hair.
ALso perming rollers from Boots come in different sizes and are great for curling. Use large ones for
a gentle flip or curl. Use small ones to get masses of curls

#3 Perming straight hair can be done using the boil perm method.
Put Sindy's hair into the style you want using either ,rollers , pipecleaners or McDonalds straws as rollers. Fill a cup with just boiled water and dip her head in. After a minute pour cold water over the head to set the style.

Remove excess water with a towel gentley, then take out the curlers and let the hair dry naturally. Don't brush the hair, brushing will loosen the curls.

To Recurl Masquerade Sindys Hair.
Tools I used were;
A pair of scissors.
Some hair wax & hair dryer.
Little rags or pipe cleaners, fig 1.

Take a section of clean damp hair, brush it out & apply a small amount of wax, fig 2.
Make sure the ends of the hair are neat, you might need to give then a trim, fig 3.
Rag the whole head, the hair should be damp fig 5.
Blow dry, the hair, on a medium heat setting, until completely dry fig 6 & 7.
Remove the rags, and comb through with your fingers, fig 8.
Style the hair as required, fig 9 & 10.

Products. Washed in henna wax conditioner and treated with "The Bodyshop" Hair Shine Coconut wax.