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Repaints For Sindy's Face
You will need, Acrylic liquidex Paint, this can be removed easily in the first 5 minutes after application by rinsing with water, or if dry, with Acetone / nail polish remover, this will remove any paint so be careful if you don't want to remove eyebrows or blusher, It's also good for removing pen marks on the body.

Paint with a very fine good quality brush. Always practice on an old doll before experimenting on a beloved Sindy, you can water down the paint & mix it with other colours. Some of the dolls in this section have also been re-rooted, full length pictures of these dolls can be seen in the fixing hair section.

Some Sindys in the late 70s are known as 2nd generation because they have 2gen stamp on the nape of the neck. 2gens are usually pasty or pale with little lip colour or blusher, here are some revamped 2gens.

1 - Red head reroot with green eye's, cerise pink lips & black rerooted eyelashes.

2 - Platinum reroot with lilac eyes, & pink lips.

3 - Pink reroot with lavendar blue eyes and baby pink lips.

4 - Bottom right, reroot with gray eyes & fire-engine red lips.