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My Sindy Wish List

My dream is to collect all the Sindy Dolls I had as a child. I have many little things missing like a legwarmer or a necklace and I would be grateful for any help in finding these items.

If you are selling something on my list let me know. Maybe we can swap or buy from each other. To help you with your wish list go here.
Places To Buy Sindy

If you have something I might want,
check out my Swap list.

1977 Superstar Sindy Doll With Outfit Loose & MIB. Picture.
1977 Mix N Match Pink Trousers & Pink top Loose. Picture.
1977 Out Of Town Trousers Loose. Picture.
1978/9 Marx Sindy. Picture (Willing to swap my Boxed Gayle Doll).
1978 First Night Wanted Loose & MIB. Picture.
1979 Fancy Free Shirt Loose. Picture.
1979 Keep Fit Sindy Doll Boxed & Loose (Brunette) . Picture.
1979 Majorette Sindy Doll Batton Loose. Picture.
1979 Mix/Match Top & Striped Jacket & Top, White Top. Picture.
1981 Mix/Match White Trousers, Sindy Tee, Green Top Loose. Picture.
1981 Stormy Weather Loose. Picture.
1981 Shop Around White Top. Picture.
1981 Sleep Tight Waterbottle. Picture.
1981 Beachcomber yellow top. Picture.
1981 Show Stopper Bag & Belt. Picture.
1981 Bo Peep Loose & Boxed. Picture.
1982 Sindy Dancer Tights, Leotard & Skirt - Wanted Loose & Boxed. Picture.
1982 Show Jumper Sindy Doll (Love These Bunches) Wanted MIB In Brunette. Picture.
1982 Lazy Days Complete Outfit Wanted Loose & MIB. Picture.
1982 Highland Girl Complete Outfit Wanted Loose. Picture.
1982 Evening Dress, Necklace Only Wanted Picture.
1982 Fair Lady Parasol In Both Colours Wanted Loose. Picture.
1982 Window Shopping Belt & Bag Loose. Picture.
1983 Pioneer Days Petticoat Wanted Loose. Picture.
1983 Sports Time Jogging Bottons Picture
Outward Bound Hat, Bag, Trousers & Shoes Wanted Loose. Picture.
1984 Nightcap Hat Picture
1984 Striped Skirt & Top (I need the belt) Picture
1984 Pretty In Pink Camisole Picture
1984 French Connection Light Blue Boots Picture
1984 Highland Fling Belt Picture
1984 Smart Set Top, Belt ,Bag & Hat Loose. Picture.
1984 Royal Occasion Stole Loose. Picture.
1984 Autumn Designs Red Top Picture
1984 Autumn Designs Jogging Outfit Picture
1985 Shaping Up Sindy Belt & Legwarmers Picture
1985 Premiere Girl Bag, Earrings & Gloves Picture
1985 Pretty Peach Bag Picture
1985 Texas Rose Belt Picture
1985 Carnival Girl Belt Picture
1985 Fantasia Pink Dress I Need The Belt Picture
1985 Sophisticated Lady Gloves & Choker Picture
1985 Maid Of Honour Bouquet
Ballerina Puff Sleaves & Tights Wanted Loose. Picture.
1985 Trendsetter Necklace Loose. Picture.
1985 Romance & Roses Stole Loose. Picture.
1985 Main Attraction Necklace & Stole Loose. Picture.
High Energy Headband & 1 Legwarmer Wanted Loose. Picture.
1985 Spanish Eyes Top, Jacket & Belt Loose. Picture.
1985 Mini Mode Loose. Picture.
1985 C'est Chic Jacket & Belt Loose. Picture.
Relax In Style Wanted Loose. Picture.
1985 Beach Life Wanted MIB & Loose. Picture.
1985 Misty Mauve Loose. Picture.
1985 Scarlet Lady Loose. Picture
1985 Harlequin (I don't have anything in this loose) Picture

Ruched boot in light blue

Cowboy Boots
Glitter, Gold & Silver 1988

Glitter Silver 1988

Roller Skates
White 1988

Bows Flat
Black Yellow & White 1988

1 Turquoise

Gold/Sage Green

Penny Loafers
1 White